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B3-4.2-02: Depository Accounts (12/06/2016) – Note: If the source of a large deposit is readily identifiable on the account statement(s), such as a direct deposit from an employer (payroll), the Social Security Administration, or IRS or state income tax refund, or a transfer of funds between verified accounts, and the source of the deposit is printed on the statement, the lender does not need to obtain further explanation or documentation.

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Lender wants me to explain my recent 6k deposit (loan, real estate. – Lender asks me to explain a deposit of 6k last month. It's from various. Mom and Dad already gave me 5k in gift letter form. Do they need to be.

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Explanation Large Letter Deposit – mapfretepeyac.com – When is a Large Deposits letter of explanation NOT triggered? If the source of a large deposit is identifiable from the asset statement and is an acceptable source of funds, no further explanation or documentation is required from the borrower. Large deposit explanation letter. advertisement.

REQUIRED BORROWER DOCUMENT CHECKLIST – PrimeLending – Letter of explanation and documentation to source large deposits reflecting on all bank statements provided for loan approval 100% access letter signed and dated from all borrowers listed on Accounts to state Borrower(s) have 100% access of funds

Lenders now demand bank-deposit documentation – HSH.com – Lenders now demand bank-deposit documentation. sep 27, 2012.. But Chivas says borrowers might be asked to provide evidence and explanation of deposits as small as $100. Do’s and Don’ts. An explanatory letter is unlikely to be adequate documentation, according to Jim Simms, a loan officer at.

How to Properly Write a Letter of Explanation for a Mortgage. – Writing a Letter of Explanation isn’t hard, but it does require you to follow some strict guidelines to ensure that a lender accepts it.. For example, if you have a large deposit in your account that was due to you selling stocks, you could provide the proof of the sale and receipt of the.

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What Do Mortgage Underwriters Ask for During the. – What do mortgage underwriters ask for during the underwriting process?”. letters of Explanation (LOX) There are several situations where a mortgage underwriter might ask for a letter of explanation. The LOX (as it’s known in the industry) is a very common request.. Sourcing Large Deposits