do i have to refinance after divorce

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 · When I was 25, I went through a divorce. That meant we had to split up all our assets and debts. Needless to say, going through a divorce can be a long and grueling process of untangling your commingled finances, especially when you have debt.

 · On August 17, 2017, the FHFA announced that the HARP program would be extended again, and will now run until December 31, 2018. At the same time, HARP’s replacement, the streamline refinance program will also run concurrently, starting with loans originated on or after October 1, 2017.. Do I qualify for HARP?

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An FHA mortgage is a good choice for refinancing with little home equity because you can refinance up to 97.75 percent of your home’s value. If you don’t have even 2.25 percent home equity, and your ex really wants off the mortgage, he may be willing to come in with a little cash to make it happen.

Steps to Refinance your Car after Divorce Before applying with a refi lender you must have one of two things, either your spouse’s permission to have their name off the loan, or it must be ordered in the divorce decree. Without one of these a lender will not be able to help you. Once that is obtained you can start looking for the best refinance rates. You can start with your current lender, but be prepared to.

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Negotiating who gets to keep a home could get messy if both spouses want to stay and can’t agree on what to do. A divorce agreement might spell out a limited time frame to refinance and require.

How to Purchase or Refinance a Home After a Divorce. The note will also have clear language on what could happen should payments be.

To prevent this problem, spouses can check out their refinancing options early in the divorce process. If a spouse cannot refinance the home into his own name, the couple may have to sell the house and split the proceeds, or, if the house is under water, split the remaining debt.

Founder @ Divorce Mortgage Advisors. How much equity do we have in the home?’ Equity is the amount of net value you have in a home after you figure out what the value is and subtract any liens or.