when will my first house payment be due

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After completion and before the first payment date the lender will write to you and tell you how much the first payment will be. So, if you complete today (15th), and your payment is due on 5th of next month, on the 5th you will pay your regular monthly payment (i.e. for November) plus the pro-rata amount for the days in October after completion.

You should always include when the rent is due on your lease agreement so that there is no question. For example, The rent is due on the first day of each month. If the monthly rent payment has not been received by the fifth day of that same month, it is considered late.

When will my first mortgage payment be due? I’m buying a home in California that needs about 2 months worth of work done before move in. I would prefer to close after the 1st of the month so I have almost 2 months til my first mortgage payment is due.

Your monthly payment will be higher with a 15-year term, but you’ll pay off your mortgage in half the time as compared to a 30-year term-and save thousands in interest. A monthly payment that’s no more than 25% of your monthly take-home pay.

Question about closing and when first payment would be due. Asked by Kristi Maris, Colorado Thu Dec 27, 2012. We are buying a house (FHA) and hoping to close soon. My question is this – say if we close on January 20th – how many days after closing would our first payment be due?

Typically if you close within the first 10 days of the month, you have the option of your 1st mortgage payment being due the 1st of the immediate month or skipping that month and it be the following month (i.e. closing on Feb. 7th you could choose your 1st payment to be due March 1st or April 1st).

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